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Dr. Danièle Abrassart is a general practitioner which has a two cabinets based in Wavre, BE. The cabinets are specialized in electrocardiography, early childhood and family planning. They provide comprehensive general medecine treatment for kids and adults.

AsCorp was asked to create a website, optimize the cabinets on Google My Business, find an online booking for their patients, optimize the position on Google via search engine optimization and a well-structured design.

It was an easy process to rebrand and develop our much-needed new website. The proof is in the analytics, AsCorp rocks. The feedback from the patients is extremely positive!

Dr Danièle Abrassart

Like many businesses, Dr Danièle Abrassart was missing several elements critical to their digital image.

First, their website did not offer users an interactive, memorable experience. As a result, their website traffic was not converting into new patients needing physician diagnostic and treatment. AsCorp prepared a website design intended to convert and collaborate with DoctorAnytime in order to have the possibility to book a consultation online, allow the doctors to manage their agenda efficiently and use a more performing telesecretariat (remote phone assistant services).

Complete new website & Google improved

AsCorp produced a complete new website and optimize the Google My Business profiles of the different Cabinets to help alleviate their digital woes. Docteur Abrassart was not making any considerable progress in her effort to pass her competition in search engine visibility. AsCorp's new website and precise Google optimization aimed to make Dr Danièle Abrassart Cabinets compete with other local physician online.

However, the practice was also suffering from a lack of online visibility. Their poor organic search rankings correlated with their low organic search traffic, leaving them with a lackluster online presence.

Now, the traffic is extremely high on her website and more than 60% of visits are booked online.